Practice Areas

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Dispute is an unavoidable part of commercial life. Our focus is to ensure that disputes involving our clients are resolved within the shortest time possible without going to court first. In the event that we are unable to resolve any disputes amicably, we have the expertise in protecting our clients’ interest in any disputes. The firm has a formidable and resourceful dispute resolution team with expertise in contract claims, environmental regulation, commercial disputes, tax complaints and debt recovery. Our dispute resolution team represents clients before all levels of courts in Nigeria. We are able to provide litigation advice and risk analysis on a case-by-case basis

Family and Matrimonial Matters

We understand emotions that often accompany family and matrimonial matters. At K.T. LAWAL & Co., we assist families in challenging family and matrimonial matters. We listen to clients’ concerns, discuss strategies and work towards a prompt settlement of matters with a minimum amount of emotional stress. We have handled contested and uncontested divorce proceedings with international dimensions. We work with clients from all walks of life and maintain international collaborations with a number of international law firms, particularly in the United States of America, on matters at the intersection of immigration and family law. We cover the following aspects of family and matrimonial matters:

    • Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
    • Relationship Issues
    • Divorce and Separation
    • Child Custody, Maintenance and Visitation Arrangements
    • Spousal Support (Alimony)
    • Binding Financial Arrangements
    • Surrogacy
    • Wills
    • Administration of Estate
    • Property Settlements

Construction Engineering and Infrastructure

Construction projects are often sophisticated projects that require paying constant attention to every detail. Government at all levels continues to allocate significant portion of the yearly budget to the development of an efficient infrastructure (e.g. airports, railways, roads, shipping, aviation, ports and buildings projects) as a matters of high priority. These projects can present significant risks if not properly handle by experts. Nearly all of these construction works require government approvals as builders are now required to comply with a number of rules & regulations and the law. We provide legal services in developing complex construction projects and infrastructure. The firm offers advice on the ever-changing regulations and financing options for construction projects infrastructure projects financing asset financing and infrastructure fund formation. In advising our clients, we are mindful of the pressure involved in meeting construction deadlines. We work closely with clients in providing uncommon legal services and ensuring that clients get the right approvals. We will approach the relevant government department for necessary approvals and planning documentation. In conjunction with the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group of the firm, our lawyers strive to ensure prompt resolution of scope-of-work disputes and construction failure among others

Real Estate

The firm recognises the importance of real estate to Nigeria’s economic development and growth. The real estate team of the firm strives to be at the forefront of new developments in the estate sector. The firm advises companies and individuals on property acquisition, transfer of mortgage, perfection of title and due diligence/searches at land registry. We handle a complete lifecycle of property development processes from the initial acquisitions, development and approvals, leasing, sales and financing to the final exit. Our lawyers have represented owners and developers of real estate, and conduct searches on property at land registry for clients in a bid to ensure that any property transaction we handle is free from encumbrances. We advise developers, contractors, architect and lenders on risk allocation strategies, contract drafting, procurement procedures and administrative issues.

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas sector comes with a broad range of unique but complex legal issues in the areas of exploration, production, trade, storage, transportation of oil products, etc. The firm has deep knowledge of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. We are able to offer advice to companies in the upstream, midstream and the downstream of the oil & gas sector. Our practice covers divestment/acquisition of oil interests, financing, lease, farm in/farm out arrangements, production sharing contracts, exploration licensing and transportation. We draft and negotiate contracts/arrangements relating to oil and gas. We recently advise Donna Spectres Limited on matters relating to oil exploration and production.

Energy & Extractive Industry

Our energy practice covers the conventional power projects and the renewable resources. The firm has knowledge of the legal, regulatory and policy issues arising from oil & gas, energy, electricity regulation and mining transactions. Our practice in this area is sub-divided into three, namely, oil & gas, power and mining.

Electric Power

With the current electricity challenges and the country’s growing population, looking for alternative sources of electricity generation is not out of place. With diversification of energy sources to include renewable energy, Nigeria aims to attract investors for its renewable energy projects. We offer advice to local and international companies that seek to invest in renewable energy and electricity in Nigeria. We have clear understanding of the legal and regulatory issues in the Nigerian power sector. The firm has the expertise to advise new entrants on electricity licensing, regulatory and environmental requirements. We recently advised a number of local and foreign companies on matters relating to renewable energy and electricity regulation.


All companies in the Nigerian extractive industry require mining licence and permits at every stage of their operations. At K. T. LAWAL & CO., we ensure that we meet the needs of our mining clients by offering them multi-faceted team approach to every mining matter. We have a deep understanding of the practical and legal challenges mining companies face in Nigeria. The firm provides excellent representation and advice on mining laws and licencing requirements in Nigeria. We also cover other aspects of mining such as acquisition of concession rights, mining tax and incentives, compensation of mining communities and land tenure rights among others. Our lawyers will guide and assist at every stage of mining from the exploration to the production and sales of minerals.

Corporate and Commercial

Doing business in Nigeria most times requires the services of practitioners with knowledge of corporate matters. Our Corporate Commercial Practice team brings to the table, innovative and business-minded solutions to corporate matters. The firm regularly advises clients on business start-up, partnership, joint ventures and on ways of doing business in Nigeria taking into consideration regulatory compliance and tax benefits available to the proposed business ventures. Our works in this area also covers rendering of advice on the legal framework for the proposed business entity. Our Corporate Commercial team will draft, negotiate and review all related commercial contracts and other documentation that may arise from the client’s business. We represent businesses of all sizes and employ the best method in providing business solutions. Our corporate and commercial team works closely with the real estate and construction teams of the firm in advising investors who are planning to develop commercial properties using various financing options. 


We regularly advise clients on a wide range of immigration matters. Our immigration team provides assistance in obtaining and regularising expatriate quota, cable visa, subject to regularization visa, business permit, residence permits and CERPAC. We also advise clients on hiring and transfer of skilled foreign workers, and the best visa strategies.  The firm has expertise to offer immigration advice to foreign clients on the legal and regulatory requirements of the Nigerian Immigration Services. The firm provides other complementary services such as translation, authentication and notarization of documents. We liaise with local embassies in Nigeria and, offer consular advice and assistance.


The firm has experience on wide range of environmental issues including but not limited to pollution, operational compliance, waste management, health and safety regulation, management of compliance risks, and oil spills. We assist in designing environmental compliance matrices for exploration and mining companies, advise clients in negotiating joint venture agreements, advise mining companies on corporate social responsibilities and relationship with host communities, and conduct due diligence on mineral rights. At K. T. LAWAL & CO., we offer comprehensive service to our clients on how to avoid civil and criminal sanctions.

Intellectual Property

Securing and enforcing intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) in this era of highly competitive corporate market is key to maintaining a competitive edge. From the choosing of business names, logo and artistic creation to the designing of a unique product, every stage must be protected. Our IP team works closely with clients in ensuring that they maintain the right protection to safeguard their creative works. The firm handles all stages of intellectual property registration including but not limited trademark searches, trademark application filings, copyright registration, infringement analysis, etc. We provide comprehensive advice and assistance on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters in the area of intellectual property.


Our knowledge of the Nigerian tax laws and practice is unparalleled. The firm delivers cutting-edge advice on various aspects of the Nigeria tax laws. We have the expertise to advise clients on many aspects of corporate tax, petroleum profit tax, value added tax, stamp duties and withholding tax. We deliver tax advice that meets specific needs of our clients without breaching applicable tax regulation. Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients utilize exemptions and incentives provided in the tax law. We also provide tax advice on all aspects of transactions we are involved in from divestments to issues around structuring of such transactions for tax efficiency. Our advisory covers tax avoidance mechanism, matters connected with capital gains and allowances, matters connected with taxation at both the personal and corporate levels among others. In conjunction with the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group, the firm handles clients’ complaints and appeal before the tax tribunal.

Debt Recovery

Our firm has developed vast experience representing clients in commercial and consumer debts of all sizes. Our debt recovery team works closely with clients and employs the most practical approach in ensuring expeditious recovery. Currently, we are a major debt recovery firm to some financial institutions such as First City Monument Bank (FCMB). The firm has equally handled a number of debt recovery assignments on behalf of foreign firms – George Y. Yiangou LLC, Cyprus. In the course of our engagement on behalf of foreign firms we have had to recover debts from students who attended foreign universities without paying for the school fees.

Experience You Can Trust

Our reputation precedes us in providing the best legal services for our clients. We have the lawyers and the experience you can trust to provide you legal services over variety of areas.